Jenny Life®

The Only Life Insurance Brand Built with Her in Mind.

The Jenny Life Difference

When we realized how vastly overlooked women were in the insurance industry, we set out to change this “by men, for men” industry for good. The result was Jenny Life.

We are an innovative life insurance company and community designed to empower women and to provide simple, safe, and straightforward coverage for the 21st-century family.

Our technology-driven approach removes unnecessary stress, prodding questions, and unfair practices from buying life insurance, giving this old-fashioned industry a modern facelift.

With just a few taps, we sort through dozens of A-rated national carriers to find the ones that meet your personal needs.

And in just 15 seconds, we deliver a fully customized, budget-friendly life insurance quote straight to your laptop or smartphone.

It’s that simple.

No medical exams. No bloodwork. No long wait times. We only offer hassle-free, peace of mind policies that put her needs first. 

Our Promise:

We’re passionate about making it faster, cheaper, and easier for women to protect their loved ones from the unexpected. Through our technology and design-driven approach, we’ve built a company that will continue to bring this overlooked sector into the forefront. Because every woman deserves the peace of mind that comes from having a financial suit of armor around their family.  

Our Origin Story:

“For me, the real ‘ah-ha’ moment came when I was on a walk with my wife, Jenny, and our (then) newborn daughter. We started talking about our new family, and how to best protect it when it hit us. She didn’t have life insurance! It hadn't even crossed our minds that she needed it! It was honestly insane. There's no way we could handle the mortgage, childcare, or the day-to-day costs without her. So, we did what everyone does. We went online and shopped around. And it. was. painful. Endless paperwork, prodding, downright embarrassing questions, blood draws... and that was wasn’t even the half of it. For me, enough was enough. So, I set out to break the status quo. The result was Jenny Life. Because every woman is a Jenny. And they deserve to live their life, uncomplicated with quality insurance.” — Chirag & Jenny