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When Was the Last Time You Thought About Life Insurance?

Jenny Life: Modern Life Insurance for Moms

Life insurance for moms is a topic society

can't afford for us to brush to the side anymore.

So, moms, if you can’t remember the last time life insurance crossed your mind, we need you to listen up.

Men aren't the only breadwinner in the family anymore. More than 72% of today's modern moms are embracing the 9-5 lifestyle.

But you’re selling yourself short if you think that’s the only value you bring to the table.

Today’s busy moms are teachers, late-night life coaches, magical bruise healers, on-call therapists, chefs, chauffeurs, personal shoppers, photographers, magic-makers, and more for their growing families.

In fact, studies have shown that if moms earned a salary for their daily family “side hustles,” they’d be raking in an extra $178,201 a year!

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And yet, women carry 31% less life insurance than their daddy counterparts.

Moms, you know you are no less important than Dad. So why are you settling for less life insurance protection?

Here at Jenny Life, we recognize the real value you add to your family (even if society doesn’t sometimes).

And we’re here to tell you whether you are a: working mom, single mom, stay-at-home mom, expecting mom, whatever it may be…

You. Need. Life. Insurance.

Here’s why…

Yes, Moms. You Need Life Insurance, Too

We know there are some days that "out of sight, out of mind" mantra is the only thing that's keeping you sane.

But there’s one question you can’t ignore.

What would happen to your family if you were suddenly gone?

It’s an uncomfortable thought, we know. But really think about it for a second.

You may already have a basic life insurance policy through your job if you are a working mom.

And you might think that that is enough.

But the fact is, those starter packages usually only range from $25,000 to $100,000 (roughly equal to your annual salary).

And true, that’s a good start.

But it’s probably nowhere near enough to cover your family’s needs.

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What a lot of busy parents don't realize is your life insurance can cover so much more.

We’re talking about everything from:

— Household Expenses & Bills

— Final expenses (burial, cremation, funeral)

— Mental and physical health recovery (grief counseling, yoga, vacation)

— Personal debt (credit card balances, auto loans, unpaid loans, student loan debt, etc.)

— Establishing an emergency fund (for home repairs, major appliance replacement like television sets, refrigerators, dishwashers, and automobile repairs or replacement)

— Mortgage or Rent Payments

— Childcare

— Housekeeping Costs

— Education costs

— Possible relocation expenses

— And more…

If your family needs it to maintain their daily lives, its covered.

Fact is, like almost everything else you do, getting life insurance isn’t for you. It’s for them. Your family. Your spouse. Your children.

Think of it as a financial suit of armor.

A way for you to plan ahead and protect them from the unexpected. Who doesn’t want that for their family?

Jenny Life: Modern Life Insurance for Moms

As a time-starved parent, you don't have time to research, shop, or compare hundreds of life insurance providers to find the best fit for your family.

Jenny Life offers simple, safe, and straightforward life insurance for moms.

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We've partnered with some of the top-rated companies across the country to help busy moms like you protect your family's financial future.

Our technology-driven approach removes the unnecessary stress from buying life insurance, giving this "old fashioned" industry a modern facelift.

No medical exam. No paperwork. No pushy sales calls. We only offer hassle-free, peace of mind policies that put your needs first. 

Check Your Rate Now, and Walk Away with Same-Day Coverage

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we’ve made finding the best life insurance policy easier than ever for your family.

With a few taps, tell us how much you want, how long you want it, and how much you want to pay for it.

From there, we sort through dozens of A-rated national carriers to find the ones that meet your family’s personal needs.

And in just 15 seconds, we deliver a fully customized, budget-friendly life insurance quote straight to your laptop or smartphone.

It’s that simple.

See for yourself how affordable it can be to have the peace of mind that knowing your family is well-protected can bring.  

Just click the button below to get started today!

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The Jenny Life Mission

JennyLife is an insurance innovation company dedicated to helping busy moms like you get the coverage you need to protect your family.

Within minutes, you can easily apply for life insurance from your smartphone or laptop using our native apps, web app, text messaging (SMS), or by calling 855-88-JENNY. No health exams. No blood draws. Just fast and easy life insurance from an A-rated insurance carrier. Plans start at $7/month. We help you find the option that fits your goals, family, and budget.

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