How Much Money is A Mom Worth?
May 12, 2020

Recently, we were chatting to a mommy social media influencer when she stated something shocking—“I have a $10,000 life insurance policy. My husband makes plenty of money and I don’t bring home any real income. That should be enough, right?”

Ok. We’ll give her props for at least having some coverage, but only $10,000?! She may be a stay-at-home mom, but the fact that people still believe that the responsibilities provided by moms are monetarily worthless is discouraging. While a market may not exist for kissing boo-boos or singing lullabies, the countless other duties required to raise a family seriously adds up.

To determine how much, created the hybrid job of Mom with everything from nurse and janitor to teacher and psychologist to see what they’d pull in annually. They found that the median salary of a stay-at-home mom in 2018 would equal $162,581! As every family is different, take these numbers with a grain of salt. Still, it does provide a valuable insight into a mother’s under appreciated value.

It also should make any parent wonder; if the unthinkable were to happen, how would your family cope financially—not to mention emotionally?

With funeral and burial costs now averaging $8,755 in the U.S., a life insurance policy of $10,000 might barely cover initial expenses immediately following your death. And then what? Even if your partner brings in a substantial income, supporting children adds up more than you think. If Mom suddenly passed away, how would the remaining partner keep the family running?

Let’s dig into how much a mom is really worth, and why it’s probably more than you think.

Daycare or Nanny Services

Without Mom, paying for daycare or hiring a nanny is the sole option for many families after the loss of a partner. As you might expect, it’s not cheap. In fact, according to, about 33% of families spend 20% of their income on childcare in 2017. That’s a massive monetary uptick, no matter your income level.

To break down the numbers more, hiring a full-time nanny costs about $580/week on average for one child, not counting overtime. An after-school sitter adds up to $242/week and a daycare center $211/week. Add multiple kids to the equation and these expenses soar.


From dropping the kids off at school to making the soccer practice rounds, moms are the ultimate carpool queens! But what if she was suddenly out of the picture? With Dad working hard as the sole breadwinner, who would safely chauffeur your most precious cargo?

Plenty of safe transportation options do exist, though few are free. As mentioned above, hiring a nanny is a reliable—albeit expensive—choice for your family. For older kids, public transportation and ride-sharing services can also work.

Asking friends, family, other parents, or joining a carpooling app for families like GoKid is another great option. Many will be happy to oblige at no cost, but as time goes on, offer to cover gas or find other ways to return the favor.


Maybe your partner brings in enough to support the household’s day-to-day expenses—but could that end up draining potential savings otherwise intended for your children’s educational future?

College education costs are skyrocketing with no end in sight. In 2018, the average price for tuition and fees alone is $9,410 for a four-year public in-state school and $32,410 for a private school. If assisting with education is a priority, securing life insurance promises your child can achieve a college degree without bankrupting them or your partner.

Overtime, Late Nights & Holidays

Putting in overtime, late nights and/or holiday hours means more pay in most lines of work—and we don’t need to tell you motherhood hours never stop. So where’s your inflated paycheck?

Sure. Watching your own kids learn and grow is worth more than a lifetime of bonuses. But if you’re hiring someone to take care of your babies, they’ll be waiting for that extra cash after they’ve hit 40 hours. Since raising a family is a 24/7 gig, expect to be paying a lot of overtime.

Parenthood Odds and Ends

Does Mom manage the monthly bill payments, plan family vacations, or schedule the kid’s summer camps? Responsibilities vary greatly from one family to the next, but there’s no doubt that many of these additional roles land on mothers. How would they get done without her?

Well, Dad might have to hire an accountant to assist in managing money, use a travel agent to plan a trip to Disney, or enlist an assistant to plan out school breaks. These may not all be significant expenses on their own, but smaller jobs will pile up over time.

Paying for a Helping Hand

Even if you’re lucky enough to be part of a tight-knit family or group of friends, don’t assume they’ll be willing to drop everything to jump in as a caregiver. Though it’s a difficult conversation, always discuss your wishes with those you trust to help care for your children. Also, be sure you’ve completed a will to make it legally binding and remember that taking care of kids isn’t cheap.

Purchasing a life insurance policy guarantees that these lifesavers have access to ample funds so they can adequately support your family without sacrificing their own bank account. Just look at all the expenses above. Is it fair to dump that onto those who step up in times of need?

All of these responsibilities are only the tip of the parenting iceberg, so don’t let anyone tell you being a mom isn’t a real job. The things moms happily do for their families, others will happily do and expect a sizeable paycheck.

We know nothing can ever replace you, but don’t let your roles be taken for granted. Ensure your family’s financial security—no matter what.

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